The Autumn Dinner Party is nearing!

We will sell tickets during lunches in Colosseum and during the Conversation Corners, but there is no guarantee that there will be tickets left, as we have a limitied amount of tickets to . The first day we sell tickets will be on Tuesday, so if you want to be sure to get a ticket meet up with us during lunch in Colosseum 1st november :).

Ticket prices:
Alcohol: 250 SEK
Non-alcohol: 200 SEK

Date time and place for the Autumn Dinner Party is as follows:
Date: November 12th
Time: 18.30
Place: Gasquen in Kårallen at Linköpings University

There are not many parties in this university with both a great dinner *and* karaoke and other fun stuff afterwards!

Hope to see you there!

Workers wanted for Autumn Dinnerparty

I would like to promote our dinner parties! Our association have two dinner parties every year, one during the fall, and one during the spring. Of these, the fall dinner party is soon here! In celebration to this great event I even wrote an Haiku! 😀

Fall Dinner Party
Date is Twelfth November yo!
And we need workers 🙂
(see, I even had, sort of, a kireji there 😀 the \’yo\’ if it isn\’t apparent… Hey, at least I tried! :D)

Now, our dinner parties usually have a fancy dinner for a reasonable price (to be determined), and afterwards we have a little party with music and activities, and (biased as I am) these parties are great fun :D. Now for this party to even take place we need people that work on the event! First of all we have nine chief-positions sort of that we need good people for! 🙂 The positions are the following:
– Head of Kitchen –
Will be responsible for the food on the party.

– Head of Bar –
Will be responsible for everything that has to do with drinks and alcohol for the night.

– Chief of Decorations –
Will be responsible for the easthetics of the party, make everything pretty! 😀

– Lighting and Musical Technichian –
Really fancy name, no? This person will be the one in charge to make sure all visual and auditorial aids during the actual dinner but also for the after-dinner party 🙂 For this position experience will pretty much be required due to equipment handling and such.

– Head of PR and Printing matters –
Do you like to work with graphics? Is your big passion in life designing posters and fancy tickets? If that is the case, this position is tailored for you!

– Treasurer –
Is counting money and making budgets your life mission? Fear not, apply for treasurer!

– Head of Staff –
Maybe you are the type of person that fancies deciding other peoples destinies? Well, we can\’t really offer you that position, but we can offer you to become our head of staff, where you will be mainly responsible for getting other people to work for the other chiefs by making the work schedules for all the staff (and this is almost as cool as deciding their destinies for the night, ne?).

– Head of Entertainment –
Do you like to entertain others? No? Have great ideas of how people can entertain themselves? Then you can still apply for this position! 😀 Yay!

Do you still want to work at the dinner party but don\’t want the responsiblilities associated with the chief-positions? That is ok, as we need regular workers as well! Regular workers will be working with decorations, preperations of the hall and food, and later to work at the after-party, and finally help with cleaning up everything! All this will come for the fabulous price of FREE + you will even get food! A great offer! :).

If you have any questions at all contact me (Ikshu Dutta) on a conversationpass or send me an mail. No questions? Then I guess you are interested in working, so please send me an email at and specify your name and contact information, what position you want to work for and if you got any past experiences with work like this! Remember, without any workers we will not be able to offer the great dinner party that this will be! 🙂

Ikshu Dutta