Newsletter #8 13/14

Last CC, BBQ Extravaganza!
All good things must come to an end, and so must this years CCs!

Therefore we’ll be hosting a BBQ Extravaganza during the last CC of 13/14 Thursday 22nd of May!
Come mingle with EAA members, get some food and soda and hopefully enjoy the beautiful swedish spring weather!!
This is the first event hosted by the new EAA-board of 14/15, so make sure to drop by and say hello to them!
The board(s) will also host a competition in some traditional Swedish summer games!

The event is for members of EAA only and food+drink will cost you around 30 sek.
As usual CC starts at 17.15

Annual soccer game!
Saturday 7th of June it is once more time for China to battle Japan on the soccer field!

Bring your best fighting spirit and game face, then join the fun in our Japan vs China soccer match!
Come and watch the old board giving everything they’ve got to beat the new board of 14/15 in a battle between the boards!
Or simply bring your own food stuffs and have a meal among friends! Charcoal will be in place for those of you who wish to barbeque!

This event is completely free and will be held at the soccer courts in Ryd 18.00!

And remember your game faces!

Nominating Committee
Now it’s time to apply for the East Asian Association Nominating Committee!
Do you want to influence the work of the association but don’t have the time for board work?
Then you’re perfect for the Nominating committee for the coming year!

It’s the Nominating Committee’s work to select candidates for the next board for East Asian Association. Holding interviews and recommending them to the members of the association during the spring association meeting!

Apply now and make your contribution to the East Asian Association today!

Send your application to

The board of 13/14 and 14/15

Friendly Spring dinner party reminder

The spring dinner party is drawing close.
The association is celebrating its 5 year anniversary.
There will be a three course dinner followed by an after-party with double karaoke.
We would just like to remind everyone that we are selling tickets this week outside C4 in the C-building during lunch (12-13).
Tickets are also available during conversation corners this week Tuesday 17-19 and Thursday (17-19) in U10-U11 (C-building).
The party is this upcoming Saturday 10th of May in Gasquen (Kårallen)
Price with alcohol is 220,- and 200,- without alcohol, plus 30,- for non-members – the member fee is 20,-
Event on facebook: