Newsletter #18 14/15

Newsletter #18

  1. Autoliv is looking for test drivers

Autoliv is looking for test drivers

Autoliv is looking for people with Asian ethnicity and has asked us to contact our members in EAA. If you’re interested in being a test driver, or know someone who would want to, keep reading! Tests will begin in August. 


“Hi, my name is Mark Holmgren and I work as a project manager at Autoliv in Linköping. We are a world leading developer when it comes to Active safety for cars.

Right now we are developing a system for active driver assistance. This is supposed to be used to reduce accidents and save lives where the driver of one or more reasons lacks attention to the road. Today we are working in close collaboration with several of the major car manufacturers and the interest for this new product is high and we have a demand from all continents.

A central part of the development that we are doing today, is to record video data with different drivers, which the system then train and test against. The system needs to operate in all markets and with different drivers regardless of ethnicity. Where it is good to know it is not skin color which are substantial, but it is the shape of the eyes that is important. The system will find a couple of unique points around the eyes and determine whether the driver sees on the road, is tired, or lack of attention.

We will soon be collecting data with test drivers who have different eye shapes, such as (Western, African, Asian, South African, etc.) and wonder if you can help us to find test persons of Asian ethnicity.

How does it work?
The collection will be performing in Linköping at the Company’s offices in Mjärdevi. It takes about 20 minutes for each person to perform the collecting, with 5min information before, 10 min test, and 5 min collecting information afterwards. During the test, the person will be sitting in a rig and will follow a laser beam that Is projected onto a screen. In the meantime, video recorders will run and capture the eye movement of the test person.

All data collected will be treated as confidential, and will not be disclosed to another party.

You may contact me for further information at: