Newsletter #8 15/16

Newsletter #8 15/16

  1. Member shirts
  2. Autumn dinner party
  3. EAA is looking for an election committee
  4. Conversation Corner

Member shirts

We will start taking requests for member shirts as of tomorrow (10 november 2015). Sample shirts will be available at Conversation Corner.

Autumn dinner party

This year’s dinner party will be held the 28th of November in Gasquen, Kårallen. We will start with a fulvinsrunda at 17:30 by the amphitheatre to warm up before the real party begins.

Tickets will be available from the 16th of November, and you can buy them at Conversation Corner.

Price: 110 SEK for members or 140 SEK for non-members. Membership costs 20 SEK.

EAA is looking for an election committee

We are looking for a new election committee. Your job will be to elect the new board of 2016/2017, a new accountant and the next election committee. If you’re interested in participating, please send an email to

Conversation Corner

This week’s CC is held as usual. The topics are the following:

2015.11.10 – 17:15 U10/U11 – Topic: School uniforms
2015.11.12 – 17:15 U10/U11 – Topic: TBA

See you on Conversation Corner!