Newsletter #10 15/16

Newsletter #10 15/16

  1. Member shirts
  2. Cooking event: Lussebullar
  3. Christmas table
  4. Evaluation of language schools
  5. EAA is looking for an election committee
  6. Conversation Corner

Member shirts

Orders for the member shirts will be taken at mid- to the end of December. You can contact us beforehand if you’re interested in buying a member shirt. To do so, send an email to with your name and LiU ID. The shirts will be 390 SEK each and comes in four different designs which you can view here. 

Cooking event: Lussebullar

This Saturday we’ll be having our first cooking event for this period! We’ll be cooking “lussebullar”, a sweet bun with saffron that is eaten in Sweden during Lucia. There are only 10 spots for the cooking event so first come, first serve! We’ll take a fee of 20 SEK which you will then get back at the event, and you can pay on Thursday at conversation corner. More information here.

Christmas table

The 13th of December we will host a Christmas table for all of our members. The idea is that everyone brings some christmas food that they have made, and we all share and try each other’s food. We’ll make an event on Facebook shortly, and we’ll also have more information during conversation corner. This is one of our most popular events and we hope to see you there!

Evaluation of language schools

A reminder to send in your evaluations of language schools to More information here.

EAA is looking for an election committee

We are looking for a new election committee. Your job will be to elect the new board of 2016/2017, a new accountant and the next election committee. If you’re interested in participating, please send an email to

Conversation Corner

This week’s CC is held as usual.

The last CC for this year is held on the 17th of December, and it will be a karaoke event! More information shortly.

See you at Conversation Corner!