Newsletter #12 15/16

Newsletter #12 15/16

  1. Pulka with EAA!
  2. Looking for new board members
  3. Evaluation of language schools
  4. EAA is looking for an election committee
  5. Conversation Corner

Pulka with EAA!

This Saturday the 23rd of January, EAA would like to invite you to a day out with PULKA!
We will have grilled hotdogs, hot chocolate and a selection of different tools to help you decend the hill in the most efficient manner. Bring clothes according to the weather!

Additional information:
Time: From 11:00 to 16:00 this Saturday
Place: Skålland, the hill in the field in ryd.
Price: The event is 100% free!

Looking for new board members

Nu är julen över och första terminen på året har börjat. Det är snart dags att byta ut det gamla styret mot ett nytt. Vill du vara med i EAA’s styrelse 2016/2017?
Posterna vi söker är följande:

  • Ordförande
  • Vice ordförande
  • Sekreterare
  • Kassör
  • Studienämndsordförande (Snordf)
  • General (Antagningsansvarig för Asienkunskap)
  • upp till 5 Ledamöter

Ifall ni är intresserade eller har frågor så kontakta oss på Det går också bra att kontakta oss personligen vid frågor om särskilda poster. Se fliken About Us på hemsidan för kontaktuppgifter till respektive styrelsemedlem.

In English

Christmas holidays are over and the first semester of the year has just started. It is soon time to switch out the old board to a new one, so if you want to become one of us, read on!
The board members consist of:

  • Chairman
  • Vice-chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Study Board Chairman (Basic Swedish required)
  • General (Responsible for welcoming new Asia Studies students)
  • up to 5 Members

If you are interested or want more information notify us by mailing

Evaluation of language schools

A reminder to send in your evaluations of language schools to More information here.

EAA is looking for an election committee

We are looking for a new election committee. Your job will be to elect the new board of 2016/2017, a new accountant and the next election committee. If you’re interested in participating, please send an email to

Conversation Corner

This week’s conversation corner will be on Thursday, 17:15 in the U-corridor. See you there!