Newsletter #15 15/16

Newsletter #15 15/16

  1. Looking for new board members
  2. Looking for a new accountant
  3. 2016 Taiwan’s Scholarship Program (from Taiwan’s Representation Office in Sweden)
  4. Spring dinner party: save the date!
  5. Conversation Corner


Looking for new board members

Vill du vara med i EAA’s styrelse 2016/2017?
Posterna vi söker är följande:

  • Ordförande
  • Vice ordförande
  • Sekreterare
  • Kassör
  • Studienämndsordförande (Snordf)
  • General (mottagningsansvarig för Asienkunskap)
  • 5 ledamöter
  • Max 2 suppleanter

Är ni intresserade eller har frågor så kontakta oss på Skriv ditt fullständiga namn, kontaktuppgifter, samt eventuellt den eller de poster du är intresserad av. Det går också bra att kontakta oss personligen vid frågor om särskilda poster. Se fliken About Us på hemsidan för kontaktuppgifter till respektive styrelsemedlem.

Vad gör EAA? Vi har hand om Asienkunskaps mottagning på hösten och ser till att de känner sig ordentligt välkomnade till Linköpings Universitet. Vi anordnar också konversationspass två gånger i veckan för att föra samman studenter från olika platser i världen. Två gånger per år anordnar vi olika sittningar, en ful- och en finsittning, samt att vi håller i ett par andra mindre event under året.

Deadline för ansökan är den 16 februari 2016.

In English

Christmas holidays are over and the first semester of the year has just started. It is soon time to switch out the old board to a new one, so if you want to become one of us, read on!
The board members consist of:

  • President
  • Vice president
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Chief of education (basic Swedish required)
  • General (Responsible for welcoming new Asia Studies students)
  • 5 Members
  • A maximum of 2 deputies

If you are interested or want more information notify us by mailing

Application deadline: February 16 2016.

Looking for a new external auditor

Are you good with numbers and regulations? Are you interested in accounting and the association in general, but don’t have the time for board work? Then you’re perfect for one of the auditor positions!

The external auditors sit from summer to summer and are there to ensure the work of the East Asian Association board has been done correctly at the end of the year. Mainly going through the economics, but also reviewing some of the key decisions that has been made over the year. It is by the auditors recommendation the previous years board are given discharge.

Application deadline: February 16 2016

Send your application to:

2016 Taiwan’s Scholarship Program (from Taiwan’s Representation Office in Sweden)

It is my pleasure to introduce you two scholarship programs provided by the Ministry of Education of Taiwan for 2016: Taiwan Scholarship and HES (Huayu Enrichment Scholarship).

These two programs provide Swedish students a chance to study in Taiwan either for Master/ Doctoral degree seeking (Taiwan Scholarship) or simply for Mandarin language courses. I would like to invite your university to join these programs. It will be appreciated if you could recommend qualified and outstanding students as candidates. Please check the document attached for further information. The recipients last year all enjoy their fruitful study life in Taiwan and have very positive impressions. The deadline for application is March 31, 2016.

You can also get information of scholarship programs from our website:

Spring dinner party: save the date!

Spring dinner party will be held on the 14th of May in Baljan, Kårallen. We have a lot of fun planned out, so you don’t want to miss it!

Conversation Corner

2016.02.16 – 17:15 U14/U15 – Topic: Have you ever had any life changing moments?
2016.02.18 – 17:15 U14/U15 – Topic: If you could choose to go anywhere in the world, where would it be and who would you bring?