Newsletter #23 15/16

Newsletter #23 15/16

  1. Participation in a study about colours
  2. Barbecue CC
  3. Spring Dinner Party
  4. Conversation Corner

Participation in a study about colours

Hej! I am Saki, an exchange student at Linkoping University. I am doing research on colours to improve colour reproduction technology and currently looking for participants for my survey. Since it’s related to colours I would like to meet you somewhere on campus and would like you to join the survey on my lap top. It takes 10-15 min to complete. You can find more information about my research here;
If you get interested in it and could help me, please contact me (
Thanks a lot in advance.

Barbecue CC

It’s almost time for the last CC of this semester. We will hold a barbecue on the 26th of May so please keep an eye on our Facebook page so you don’t miss the details of the event! The 26th is also our last CC and you can get your photos if you ordered some at the photobooth at the spring dinner party.

Spring dinner party

The new and the old board of EAA wants to thank you for coming to our dinner party. We hope you had a lot of fun!

Conversation Corner

Next week’s CC is as usual on Tuesday at 17:15 in the U-corridor. Thursday’s CC will be a barbecue CC and we will post more information on our Facebook page.