Newsletter #5 16/17

Newsletter #5 16/17

  1. Autumn meeting
  2. Intervju angående utbytesstudier
  3. Save the date! Autumn Dinner Party
  4. Conversation Corner

Autumn meeting

The board of 16/17 would like to welcome you to the Autumn Meeting of 2016.During the meeting we will discuss the last fiscal year economy, discharge the last board, as well as discuss and vote on motions and propositions regarding the association statutes. The meeting will primarily be held in Swedish. However, if requested certain topics may be held in English.

There will be sandwiches with coffee and tea offered at the meeting.

Date: Thursday October 13th
Time: 18:15 (6:15 pm)
Location: A1, A-building (

Intervju angående utbytesstudier

Vi söker studenter som gjort utbytesstudier i Asien och vill dela med sig av sina erfarenheter. Intervjun kommer att ta ca 30 minuter och kan hållas exempelvis under conversation corner. Syftet med intervjun är att samla information om utbytesstudier och kommer publiceras på vår hemsida. Om detta låter intressant är det bara att höra av sig till

Save the date! Autumn Dinner Party

EAA would like to invite you all to our biggest event of the autumn semester: Autumn Dinner Party! There will be more information to come but for now, all you need to know is that the party will be held on November 19th in Gasquen, Kårallen. So make sure to update your calendars and stay tuned for more information.

Conversation Corner

Due to the Autumn Meeting, there will not be a CC on Thursday next week. Which means that the CC on Tuesday will be the last CC for a while due to the exam period which will start at the end of next week. We will be back on November 1st!


Tuesday October 11th, 17:15-19:00 in U6