Newsletter #27 16/17

Newsletter #27 16/17

  1. TEKKEN-fadder
  2. Language Café
  3. Special CC – Karaoke
  4. Conversation Corner


TEKKEN har förlängt anmälningsperioden för att bli fadder under Småtting-P 2017! Skicka in ansökan så fort som möjligt via länken nedan. Vid frågor, kontakta fadderansvarig:

Länk till anmälan

Language Café

On Thursday this week we will hold an event together with Language Café. They organize events similar to our Conversation Corners every Thursday from 12:15 and this week we will bring calligraphy and origami to their Language Café so please join us and get to know a bit more about Language Café!

The event will start 12:15 and ends at 14:00. The location of the event is A25, which is in the A building.

Link to the event on Facebook

P.S. There will of course be a regular Conversation Corner in the evening.

Special CC – Karaoke

Conversation Corner is back and we hope everyone had a nice Easter and passed all of your exams.

At this weeks CC we will have karaoke to celebrate the fact that the organization is turning 8 years old!
We will be in P30 and P34. One room will have karaoke and the other will have normal CC. Fika will be served as always!

Link to the event on Facebook

Conversation Corner

The next Conversation Corner will be held Thursday, April 27, 17:15-19:00 in P30 and P34.

Please note that Conversation Corner will only be held on Thursdays during this semester.