Summons to Autumn meeting 2017

Summons to Autumn Meeting


The board of 17/18 would like to welcome you to the Autumn Meeting of 2017.

During the meeting we will discuss the last fiscal year economy, discharge the last board, as well as discuss and vote on motions and propositions regarding the association statutes. The meeting will primarily be held in Swedish. However, if requested certain topics may be held in English.

We will provide sandwiches, coffee and tea, but it is recommended to bring food (lunch/dinner) as the meeting will probably take a while.

Date​: Sunday October 29th
Time​: 13:00 (1:00 pm)
Location​: C3, C-building (

Last date to send in your motions is Thursday, October 19th, 23:59. E-mail your motions to All relevant material (including motions) will be sent out on Sunday, October 22nd, 23:59 at the latest.

See you at the meeting!

Board of East Asian Association 2017/2018