Extra Autumn Meeting 2017-12-07

Summons to Extra Autumn Meeting

The board of 17/18 would like to welcome you to the extra meeting of 2017.

This extra meeting has been invoked by the board. During the meeting we will discuss the dismissal of the old board members and the appointment of new board members. The meeting will primarily be held in Swedish. However, if requested, certain topics may be held in English.

We expect that this meeting will not be as long as the previous autumn meeting. So bring some light snacks.

Date: Thursday, December 7th
Time: 17:30 (5:30 pm)
Location: C3, C-building (https://liu.se/karta?l=sv&px_location=C3 )

This meeting will only treat the subjects that are on the agenda.
The agenda: kallelse_extrastamma_2017_12_07

The official statement and the nomination of new board members from the nominating committee will be sent out closer to the meeting.

See you at the meeting!

Board of East Asian Association 2017/2018