Newsletter #17 17/18

Newsletter #17 17/18

  1. Chinese New Year and The Fat Tuesday on a Thursday

Chinese New Year and The Fat Tuesday on a Thursday

This week has much to offer, starting off with “fettisdagen” (the fat Tuesday). Fettisdagen coincides with LARM and because of this we have been unable to find a room for CC this Tuesday. Therefore there will be no CC this Tuesday. However, because we really want to celebrate “fettisdagen”, we have decided to do this on Thursday. We will celebrate as appropriate with fastlagsbullar for our members during CC.

This Thursday also happens to be the Chinese New Year’s Eve. The fastlagssbullar will therefore also be in celebration of this event. And hopefully you can tell us how to celebrate the Chinese New Year more properly next year.

With that said we wish all our members a happy New Year!

(I hope I got this right)

In short:
Tuesday: No CC
Thursday: CC with Fastlagsbullar. P44, 17:15

Note: If you are not already, you can become a member at CC.