Newsletter #23 17/18

Newsletter #23 17/18

  1. Conversation Corner
  2. Spring Meeting / Vårstämman
  3. Sök styrelsen

Conversation Corner

Conversation corner will be in P44 at 17:15 this Tuesday. On Thursday we will do som Easter crafting during CC. We will be in P44 at 17:15 as usual.

Spring Meeting / Vårstämma

The spring meeting will be on Monday 23 April at 17:30. During the meeting we will appoint new board members amongst other things. If you have any proposals you would like the meeting to discuss these must be submitted by 13 April. More information about the meeting will follow.

Sök Styrelsen

På vårstämman ska nya styrelsemedlemmar väljas in. Om du är intresserad av att söka till styrelsen finns mer information i nyhetsbrev #21.