Board members

Catarina Mouratidou
President / Ordförande

Hi! I’m Catarina and I will be your president for this year. I’m studying Industrial Engineering and Management with Japanese orientation. When I’m not studying I enjoy photography, archery and gaming. I’d love to meet you all, so please stop by conversation corner or any of our other events and say hi!

Pelle Femic
Vice President / Vice ordförande

Hello everyone, i’m known by many names but you may start by calling me Pelle. For this year I will be vice president of our beloved East Asian Association. I am currently studying Industrial Engineering and Management International with Japanese as my language of choice. I see myself as a very easy going person who you can ask for advice any day or time of the week. Some of my interests include hanging out with friends, meeting new people and trying new and different things!

Björn Tallberg
Treasurer / Kassör

Hello! My name is Björn and I’m the East Asian Association’s treasurer this year. As such, my main task is to manage the economy of the organisation and panic over missing receipts. 🙂 I’m currently studying Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering with Japanese Orientation.

Matilda Ralmé
Secretary / Sekreterare

Hello people! My name is Matilda Ralmé and I’m in the end of my studies for Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering with Chinese. I’ve lived two years in Beijing, and even though I miss it, it is nice to be home. Some of my hobbies include playing games, reading books and mixing drinks. I hope to see you all on our events this year!

Malte Arfors
Event Manager / Eventansvarig

Yo! My name is Malte and I’m going to be responsible for this year’s events. I’m quite the goofball but I love socializing so if you see me around don’t hesitate to say hi! I’m really hoping that many of you will visit during the Conversation Corners and other events that we have planned this year!

Johanna Tuvskog
Head of Media / Mediaansvarig

Hello! My name is Johanna and I will mainly be in charge of creating different kinds of promotional content, but I will also help with a lot of other things. This year I am going to study my second year of Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering with Japanese. I am looking forward to see you on our different events during this year!

Lina Hinderup
Head of Conversation Corner / Konversationspassansvarig

Hi! I’m Lina and I’m responsible for the conversation corner. I’m also the panda of EAA, whatever that might mean… This year I will start my third year studying Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering. I have been swimming for 18 years and I also have a very big interest in anime, manga, cosplay and gaming. If you see me don’t be afraid to say hello!

Björn Edlund
Head of Education / Studienämndsordförande

Hi! My name is Björn and I will be in charge of the evaluation of Chinese and Japanese Asian studies at Linköping University. I study Japanese and Master of Science in Industrial and Management engineering and my goal is to help create one of the best program in Asian studies. I like to compose music, play piano, ski, canoe, play tennis and of course hang out with friends and meet new people. If you see me around campus please feel free to say hello! 

Joakim Östman
Head of Information / Informationsansvarig

Hello everyone! My name is Joakim but everyone calls me Jocke. I’m currently in my third year of Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering – International. I also study Japanese as a part of my program and I will do a year of exchange in Japan in my fourth year. This is my third year as a board member and I’ll be in charge of the website, social media and the newsletter this year so if you have any suggestions related to that, please send me an email.

Johan Chen
Head of Corporate Relations / Näringslivsansvarig

Hello, My name is Johan and i am the head of corporate relations at the East Asian association. My job is to find sponsors and companies who want to do awesome and fun events with our members. This year I am going to study my second year of Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering with Chinese.

Aria Soltani
General / General

Whazzup! My name is Aria and I’m the general of the welcome committee TEKKEN, which is responsible for organizing the welcoming period for new students studying japanese and chinese. I study Industrial Engineering and Management. My hobbies include eating pizza and taking naps.