Newsletter #7 14/15

Newsletter #7

  1. Let’s Pub!
  2. Language Buddy
  3. Members shirts!
  4. Apply for the board 15/16
  5. Conversation Corner

Let’s Pub

Hello everyone!

On the 29th January we will be hosting a pub welcoming the new exchange students and of course our old student back to Linköping! The pub will be held in Gasquen, Kårallen in the afternoon.

For the first time in our history the EAA will host a pub welcoming the new exchange students and of course our old student back to Linköping.

Held in the great Gasquen in Kårallen, we will open up the doors for all of you and we offer tasty food, a wide range of beer at affordable prices and some snacks. The first 80 guests who arrive will get the food for free, and after that it costs 30 SEK. So make sure to be there on time!

During the pub you can ask all the questions you’ve ever been wondering about to the Board and we’ll promise to try and answer them. There will also be an opportunity to ask about the spectacular member sweethers. Any questions? Please ask us during the pub! ( ^_^)b

So whether you’re a member or not doesn’t matter this night, just come and join us in Gasquen and have a good time!

We’ll see you there!

Language Buddy

Is two evenings a week simply not enough for you or have you had problems timing it so that people who speak your language attend the Conversation Corner?

EAA will be holding a Language buddy program during the semester to help people who wants to learn their language better find someone to have a more comprehensive exchange in experiences with. Be it Chineses, Swedish, English, Korean or Japanese.

If your interested please fill out the form below.

Member Shirts

On Let’s! Pub 29th of January you will have the chance to look at and order our new members shirts and pullovers! They are new for the year and we hope you are as excited as we are about this!

Apply for the board 15/16

‘Hej allihopa! Hoppas ni haft en fin jul och ett trevligt nyårsfirande!
Nu är det 2015 och med det nya året är det dags för en rotation! Liksom gamla/avklarade nyårslöften ersätts med nya kommer vi att söka nytt blod till EAAs styrelse för perioden 2015/2016. Styrelsen består av:

  • Ordförande
  • Viceordförande
  • Sekreterare
  • Kassör
  • Studienämndsordförande (Snordf)
  • General (Antagningsansvarig för Asienkunskap)
  • upp till 5 Ledamöter

Ifall ni är intresserade eller har frågor så kontakta oss på

Lycka till!
Med vänliga hälsningar,

Hello everybody! Did you have a nice christmas and a happy new year?
With the new year of 2015 it’s time for a rotation! Just like replacing old/completed new year’s resolutions with new ones, the nomination committee search for new members to the Board during the period 2015/2016. The Board consist of:

  • Chairman
  • Vice-chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Study Board Chairman (Basic Swedish required)
  • General (Responsible for welcoming new Asia Studies students)
  • up to 5 Members

If you are interested or want more information notify us by mailing

The Nomination Committee

Conversation Corner

CC thursday next week will be held at lets Pub 29th January, NOT in U-corridor

Newsletter #5 14/15

Newsletter #5

  1. Let’s What’s cooking in November!
  2. Conversation Corner


Extra meeting this Monday! Everybody meet up at 17:30 at ACAS!

Let’s What’s cooking in November!

As the weather is gray and the days turn darker it is most definitely time to warm our bellies and give our taste buds a hot and spicey explosion of satisfaction! With authentic products from our friends in the far east and secret ancient knowledge this will be possible. The only thing we yet need is awesome members that crave for something colourful and warm in this time of darkness!
The dish that is going to enlighten your dark days will be a spicy Korean dish, so prepare your tender bellies for some serious action!

There is an attendance limit for this event, 20 people, first come, first served!
Registration for the event is done using the link below. It is very important that you pay the registration fee in time, wednesday the 26th november, otherwise you will lose your spot to someone else!

Time: November 30th, 12 o’clock
Price: 20 sek
Place: Vasagatan 3 – Vuxenskolan

Registration Link:

See you there!

Conversation Corner

Next week starting Thursday 25th 17.15 CC will go on as usual, hope to see everybody there!

Summons to Extra Ordinary Meeting

Extra Ordinary Association meeting 2014/2015

Summons to Extra Ordinary Meeting

The board of 14/15 would like to welcome you to an Extra Ordinary Meeting of 2014.

At the meeting we will readdress the propositions from the autumn meeting that requires two rounds of voting. The meeting will primarily be held in Swedish. However, if requested certain topics may be held in English.

There will be cookies offered at the meeting.

Date: Monday, November 24th
Time: 17:30 (5:30 pm)
Location: ACAS, A-buildning

All relevant material is sent out with this summons.

See you at the meeting!

Board of East Asian Association 2014/2015

Kallelse Dagordning Proposition 3 – Bilaga II Stadgar Östasiatiska föreningen (2014-10-16) Proposition 2 – Styrelsposter Proposition 3 – Bilaga I Proposition 3 – Mottagning och fadderi Proposition 1 – Bilaga I Proposition 2 – Bilaga I Proposition 1 – Städning av stadgar Proposition 2 – Bilaga II

Newsletter #2 14/15

Newsletter #2

  1. Let’s What’s cooking!
  2. Let’s Cinnamonrolls Day!
  3. Annual Autumn mass meeting
  4. Nominating Committee
  5. External auditor (Revisor)
  6. Filling the board with new members!
  7. Send in your Motions
  8. Let’s! Autumn Dinner!
  9. Conversation Corner!


Last day to send in your motions and to apply for the various positions is drawing near!

Let’s What’s cooking!

The cooking gnomes have resurfaced after the holidays and the local stores have been ransacked. So start building your best cooking playlists and join us downtown for our first of the year cooking event!
This time we’ll together cook a traditional swedish three course meal. The gnomes have calculated that is should take approximately 4h 23m 12s, but then again gnomes are more famous for their cooking then their timekeeping…

We have decided to put an attendance limit for this event. The current limit is 20 people, first come, first served!
There will come up a form of registration on the facebook event shortly.

Time: October 19th, 12 o’clock
Price: 20 sek
Place: Vasagatan 3 – Vuxenskolan

Come join us ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

Let’s Cinnamonrolls Day!

The annual cinnamonrolls day is coming up and nobody likes cinnamonrolls more than us at the East Asian Association! Therefor we will treat those who attends Conversation corner October 2nd to this fine traditional swedish pastry. There is a limited number of rolls so dont be late!

“In Sweden, the country of its presumed origin, the cinnamon roll takes the name of kanelbulle (literally: “cinnamon bun”), and October 4 has more recently started to be promoted as “kanelbullens dag” (Cinnamon Roll Day).[3][4] Swedish kanelbulle dough typically also contains cardamom (powder or buds), giving it a distinctive flavour. A German variety originating in Hamburg and its surroundings is the Franzbrötchen, a cinnamon pastry inspired by the non-cinnamon French croissant.” – Wikipedia

Annual Autumn mass meeting

Nothing new… Take this chance and influence how the association will be run! Come vote regarding motions, discharge of the board of 13/14 and much more.

There will come out more information together with the summon.
time: October 16th, 18:15

Nominating Committee

Now it’s time to apply for the East Asian Association Nominating Committee!
Do you want to influence the work of the association but don’t have the time for board work?
Then you’re perfect for the Nominating committee for the coming year!

It’s the Nominating Committee’s work to select candidates for the next board for East Asian Association. Holding interviews and recommending them to the members of the association during the spring association meeting!

Apply now and make your contribution to the East Asian Association today!

Deadline: September 30th
Send your application to:

External auditor(Revisor)

Are you good with numbers and regulations? (byråkrat)
Are you interested in accounting and the association in general?
But don’t have the time for board work?
Then you’re perfect for one of the auditor positions!

The external auditors sit from autumn to autumn and are there to ensure the work of the East Asian Association board has been done correctly at the end of the year. Mainly going through the economics, but also reviewing some of the key decisions that has been made over the year.
It is by the auditors recommendation the previous years board are given discharge (ansvarsfrihet).

Apply now and make your contribution to the East Asian Association today!

Deadline: September 30th
Send your application to:

Filling the board with new members!

A new chance to apply for the board of 14/15. The board is understaffed and are therefore in need of two or three new members! We are looking for one who will be our contact towards our sponsors and one who will take over as the head of communication and information. We are also in need of a suppleant for the snordf post!

Apply now and make your contribution to the East Asian Association today!

Deadline: September 30th
Send your application to:

Send in your Motions

The annual autumn mass meeting is coming closer and it is time to send in your motions regarding our very own East Asian Association!

If you have opinions regarding the Association that you need to get through this is the way to go!
Last day to send your motion is October 6th.

All motions should be sent to:

Let’s! Autumn Dinner

The date for the autumn dinner party has been set and there is therefore time to clear your calendars and book the 15th of november for the most important event since the EAA Spring dinner party!
However, this years autumn dinner will be a little different! Where there has been jackets, ties and dresses there will be something even more beautiful. Where there has been fine wine and beer there will be a beverage even finer. And where there has been Gasquen there will be Skytte-C!

There will be fulvin, there will be Skytte-C, there will be a theme and there will be much rejoicing!
So bring out your best song booklet and get ready for EAAs first “ugly” autumn dinner party!

November 15th!

ticket sales info will come at a later date.

Conversation Corner!

Conversation Corner will be held next week as usual in U-corridor thursday and tuesday at 17:15! Keep your eyes open on our facebook page for the coming weeks theme!

Visit our website for more information regarding Conversation Corner.
Don’t be left behind, come to CC!