The East Asian Association holds a number of activities throughout the year. We host dinner parties, conversation corner, cooking events and much more.

Conversation Corner is one of our main activities and is held every Tuesday and Thursday at 17:15 in the P-corridor, C-building. Our main focus is to get to know each other and practice speaking our secondary languages. Most visitors at CC speak japanese, korean, mandarin or cantonese, and of course swedish and english. All visitors at CC are there to improve their speaking, so don’t be afraid to talk to someone new in a language you’re not very familiar with.

Also, there is always free fika for all of EAA’s members!

Dinner parties

The dinner parties have been some of our more popular activities in the previous years. One is held in November, a “finsittning” to dress up for, and one is held in March or April, a “fulsittning” with a theme.

We sometimes need help during these events, and should you be interested in working with us, please contact us at Conversation Corner or send an email to