Medical and dental care

Sweden is renowned for providing free medical care to all citizen, however, this is only for Swedish citizen. As a foreigner, the medical care is generally speaking very expensive, and having insurance is of utmost importance. Having housing insurance is also recommended, and if you have an apartment through the university, you have to pay for it.

Medical care

The Swedish medical system differs greatly from most of East Asia. To begin with, you only see a doctor if you absolutely need to. If you have a cold, influensa, or a slight fever you generally will not get to see a doctor. If you are unsure of wether your condition warrants to see a doctor, call the medical hotline by dialing number 1177, they offer advise in English. In case of acute pain or other emergencies, call for ambulance by dialing the emergency number 112.

Medical care in Sweden is quite expensive, to see a doctor as a foreigner will cost you from around 1000 Swedish crowns and up (30 minutes with a specialist can costs several thousands of Swedish crowns). Because of this, having good insurance from your home country is essential.

Dental care

Different from what many think, dental care is not free in Sweden, not even for Swedish citizens. It is, however, free for citizen below the age of 20 years old. The dental care is generally very high quality, but also very expensive. Visiting a dentist in Sweden is not recommended unless it’s an emergency, as it tends to turn out costly.

In case of an dental emergency, you can book an emergency time with the dentists office in Skäggetorp (the one in Ryd doesn’t handle emergencies). In case you want to consult about your problems with someone, dial 1177 to talk to a nurse. To book an emergency time at Skäggetorp’s dental office, dial 0101038980.

Dental and Health insurance

In order to get a Swedish visa, you are required to have medical insurance from your home country. However, Linköping University also has an insurance for all foreign students (master and exchange students) called “StudentIN”. This insurance covers emergencies only, but notably it also covers dental emergencies up to 3000 Swedish crowns. It is worth noting that having trouble eating due to pain is considered an dental emergency, and is thereby covered by this insurance. You can read the detailed conditions of the insurance here. If you have any questions about the insurance, you can inquire about it at the Linköping Univerisite’s International Office.