To do near Linköping

If you decide to dedicate a full day to going somewhere with your friends, there are lots of places close to Linköping that are worth visiting. On this page, we summarize some of those activities.


Where: Oxelösund, roughly 1 hour away from Linköping by car.

Requires: A car

Costs: 120 SEK for 2 hours, 170 SEK to stay as long as you want (for 1 person). You should be in groups of 3-5 people.

Guests are transported into a real-world gaming environment; an experience we call Questing. Teams of 3-5 guests literally move through our Quests tackling a variety of mental and physical challenges. Success in the first challenge means entry into the next challenge and so on… Failure in any challenge means starting over or selecting another Quest.

Text copied from Boda-borgs homepage.


Visit Stockholm

Where: Stockholm

Requires: Nothing

Costs: 70~200 SEK

Stockholm is only 2 hours away by train and a last minute ticket from Linköping to Stockholm only costs 150 SEK. Bus tickets are sometimes sold even cheaper, but by bus the travel time is closer to 3 hours. See our Travel guide for more information.

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, and offers a lot of things to do, especially in the summer. Since staying in Stockholm is usually relatively expensive, going there over the day might be an affordable alternative.

For tips on what to do in Stockholm, see

Summer only

Berg locks (Bergs slussar)

Where: Berg, roughly 13 kilomoters from Ryd



The Berg locks is one of the most popular tourist spots around Roxen lake. It makes for a great scenic landscape during the summer, and we warmly recommend biking around the Roxen lake during a warm summer day. See the homepage below for things to see and do.



Swim in Roxen lake

Where: Roxen lake, roughly 10 km from Ryd



There’s a popular beach accessible by bicycle. Go there with your friends and have lots of fun! It’s relatively close to Bergs locks mentioned above, so you can always try to visit both over a full day trip.



Winter only

Ice-skating at Roxen lake

Where: Roxen lake

RequiresIce skates


Roxen lake offer lots of beautiful sceneries and, if the ice is thick enough, will also be a good place for ice skating. Unless you’re an experienced ice skater, please do not go skating where it’s not properly prepared for ice skating. There will be prepared areas on the ice where you are supposed skate, do not skate anywhere else and if there are no other people around that might be an indicator that it is not safe. Ice skating on lakes is the cause of many accidents every year, and falling through thin ice is often deadly. Never go ice-skating on a lake alone. If you are interested in learning more about tour skating, please see the homepage of Linköping’s Trip Skating Association (link below), they keep track of the condition of the ice and has various related information.

See our page on buying things in Linköping to find out where you can buy cheap sports equipment.


Skiing at Tolvmannabacken

Where: Kisa, roughly 50 minutes from Linköping by bus or car

Requires: Skiis or snowboard, both available for renting

Costs: Around 200 SEK + rental costs

Usually Östgötatrafiken has a special bus going from Linköping Centrum to Tolvmannabacken running on weekends in the winter. Tolvmannabacken is a small slope that is relatively beginner friendly.